Technologies That Can Innovate The Real Estate

The finest real estate agents may be the best in their profession by making themselves stand from the rest of the competition. There are many technologies that are accessible and the great real estate agents are utilizing them. The various technologies will completely make the real estate industry innovative. Some of the new technologies are 3D printing, drone aerial photography and some nice search tools.
We can make use of some of the best search tools that have completely revolutionized our method of doing the business with a real estate agent. If any person has got access to the web then he or she can research the various home listings without even going to the office of a real estate agent. You can indeed take a virtual walk through the property with some of the do it yourself real estate facilities and also pinpoint the locations and do the comparison of the prices.
3D imaging was utilized by the various gaming and movie businesses and now this particular technology has gone into the real estate arena. Virtual reality enables the prospective buyers to see a property in case they are actually walking through it. Several people know that 3D printing has very less to do with printing and we know it inside out.

These Technologies Will Revolutionize Real Estate

The best real estate agents become the cream of their profession by setting themselves apart from the competition. A lot of new technologies are available and the elite real estate agents are making use of them. These Technologies will revolutionize real estate. Some of these new technologies include 3D printing, virtual tours, drone aerial photography, better search tools and artificial intelligence.

Better Search Tools

Without even realizing it, we are already using some search tools that have indeed changed the traditional way of doing business with a real estate agent. Anyone with access to the net can now research home listings without ever setting foot in the office of a real estate agent! Additionally, with some do it yourself real estate facilities it is even possible to:

  • Take virtual walk through of the property
  • Pinpoint locations and ascertain block dimensions.
  • Compare prices

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Real Estate

Initially 3D imaging was used by the gaming and movie industries only, but now this technology has moved into the real estate sector. Virtual reality allows the potential buyer to view a property as if they were actually walking through it. A 360 degree of each room is displayed on the computer screen or even the smart phone for the convenience of the potential customer.

3-D printing

3D Printing Real Estate

Not many people realize that 3D printing has very little to do with printing as we understand it and everything to do with manufacturing of items using very complex machines and a variety of materials like plastics or titanium. 3D printing actually makes use of digital data to physically create any object imaginable!

China is already working on the world’s first 3D printed apartment building. According to professionals in the field, the face of commercial real estate will undergo a major transformation in as little as one decade with the use of this 3D printing technology.

For now 3D printing is more commonly employed to create real estate models of commercial buildings. It allows clients to see how the building will look from every angle. Some real estate agents go one step further and show potential customers the inside of the building via virtual reality tours.

Drone Photography & Videography

Drone Footage Real Estate

Time was when unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) only had military functions. However real estate agents are already using them in their field. This type of photography offers many advantages.

  • It allows aerial view of not only the property, but the whole neighborhood
  • It shows nearest market place and schools in the area
  • Public projects in the district to which the property taxes will eventually contribute.

Use of drones makes such photography cost effective. Previously to get the same view, helicopters or airplanes had to be employed and they were too expensive.

Artificial Intelligence

Real Estate Artificial Intelligence

Already there are companies investing time and money in producing robots that will be able to show properties to potential customers. With the proper programming, AI will also be able to carry out functions like churn out lists of properties matching client demand, conduct price comparison and numerous other functions that are now done by the real estate agent.

Another useful way to utilize AI in the real estate sector is by utilizing it to find untapped real estate potential, like CityBldr is doing now in Seattle. Earlier this year, CityBldr was able to scout out Seattle and find over $35 Billion in untapped investing potential in Seattle. This amazing technology will change how investors and developers analyze potential land.

How Will These Technologies Will Revolutionize Real Estate?

To some extent these technologies have already revolutionized real estate. Even now 87% of the population in the developed world uses the internet for their initial search for properties to purchase or rent. In the coming years this trend will only rise with more services provided through the internet.

There are a number of startups that are now merging technology and the real estate business. Although just a handful have unleashes innovative and revolutionary products, it won’t be long until they take over!

Top 5 Global Destinations for Luxury Real Estate Investment

Any real estate investor would love to have a stake in an exclusive real estate city where there is a guarantee of making profits. Many cities around the globe have really developed and improved their real estate look but there are five key cities that no other city can match in-terms of real estate destinations. They have made a name for having the best and most luxurious real estate that have attracted different people from many countries. The following are the top 5 real estate global destination cities in 2016.
1. Singapore
According to city planners and other real estate professionals, Singapore is one city where real estate investment is shifting towards due to many factors such as a working and democratic government. Due to its stability and ability, Singapore government has attracted many investors from different countries to invest in their wonderful city that is getting more tourists than ever before. It is the best city to invest in real estate so far and there is currently no city that can match what Singapore has to offer. The housing prices are continually falling and estimates show that the private residential sector alone fell by at least 3.7% in the past year. This city recovered very quickly from the global economic crisis which hit many countries across Asia and Singapore has now gained its status supported with government policies meant to promote the real estate sector.
In 2015 alone the central region of Singapore city experienced a 4.9% fall in rent charged on tenants and this figure is expected to increase as more landowners come in.
2. Shanghai, China
Many of Asia’s cities are well known for their attractive nature when it comes to beautiful destinations but Shanghai is a city which has caught many eyes especially in real estate investment. Shanghai city’s real estate market is very lucrative and promising and many investors are now shifting to this city for a sure long-term investment. Talk of gated apartments or private apartments, Shanghai has all these to offer for anyone who would want to have a share. All eyes in Asia and other continents are now on this vibrant city full of lucrative condors and villas.
• Price charged per square meter for houses within the core region in Shanghai is $13,100.
• Price charged per square meter in the outskirts of the city is $5,384
• The average rate in-terms of interests for mortgages annually is 5.5%
3. Hong Kong
Hong Kong is one of the best investment hubs in Asia that are gaining popularity. This island city is getting more real estate investors than other cities around the world despite its financial struggles and limited urban space. Many investors prefer investing in Hong Kong than other emerging cities due to the vibrant nature and promising future offered by this island city. Considered as one of the most expensive city for property market investment, Hong Kong’s property prices have been increasing at a higher rate than some of the competitor cities around the world. Property price increase was at a high of at least 14% in 2015 and this figure is expected to rise.
4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
With Palm Jumeirah and Burj Khalifa, Dubai city has now become the most coveted places to live in due to its promising real estate market. It has some of the best laid infrastructure the world has ever seen. Anyone looking for real estate investment opportunities should focus on this wonderful city.
• Apartment sale price in Dubai decreased by at least 3.5% in 2016 in order to get a balance for inflation.
• Villa prices also went down by an approximated 3.6% in the same year.
In general, property price index fell in Dubai by an approximate figure of 2.5% in 2016.

5. Mallorca, Spain
Mallorca is an island city in Spain where any real estate investor would want to own a property. Availability of enough space to build new houses in this attractive Mediterranean Sea city has made global real estate investors to get a piece in Mallorca. It is known to be one of the most attractive cities in the world hence the increase in real estate properties in the recent years. There has been an increase in property rates at approximately 15.9% in the last few months and this figure is expected to rise. A four bedroom apartment in this city is approximated to go at over 863,000 Euros and this figure is expected to increase as the demand goes up.